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Meet Robert Moment
Life Coach ♦ Marketing Expert ♦Motivational Speaker ♦ Author
Acclaimed Life-Transforming Author- Faith-Living Your Life Fully and Freely Without Fear, Christian Women- Blessed Wherever You Go, Emotional Healing and several other books.
Robert Moment has a heart and love for people. Robert’s life mission has been to reach people and offer hope, inspiration and support. As a life coach , marketing expert , speaker , and author who uses his God-given skills to encourage and inspire individuals to find and live their life’s purpose. People need to be uplifted , healed and delivered ! God has done all of these things in his life. Robert want God to be proud that he created him. He is passionate about empowering individuals to prosper and succeed which is God’s desire for your life. Robert is the CEO and Founder of The Moment Group a life and business coaching and customer service consulting firm in Arlington, Virginia serving clients globally.
Robert doesn’t think out of the box, he “throws the box away”. Robert loves to push the envelope with innovative ideas and concepts that brings out the absolute best in the working professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses owners that he touches. He doesn’t color within the lines. The Moment Group has a stellar reputation for providing clients with life and business coaching and marketing ideas and strategies that generate profitable results and customer service training that create “wow” customer experiences.

Robert Moment is the author of Faith-Living Your Life Fully and Freely Without Fear, Christian Women- Blessed Wherever You Go, Emotional Healing, It Only Takes a Moment to Score and several other life-transforming books.

Here’s what Millionaire business mastermind, bestselling author , speaker and consultant Brian Tracy (www.BrianTracy.com) said about Robert’s book , It Only Takes a Moment to Score , “Your ability to quickly build trust and rapport with customers is the key to your success , and the SCORE (Sincerity, Commitment, Openness , Reliability, Execution) System shows you how to do it quickly”.
Robert Moment was one of the leading small business experts chosen to write a chapter in the bestselling book , Streetwise Small Business Book of List by author Gene Marks. Robert has interviewed on Entrepreneur Magazine Radio a number of times and other radio shows .

As a life coach and marketing expert, speaker and author, Mr. Moment’s greatest actual talent is seeing hidden possibilities overlooked assets and underperforming activities and resources – which no one else recognizes.

With a wide range of experience gathered in nearly two decades in the corporate and government sectors, Robert Moment is a sought-after life coach and marketing expert!


Prior to founding The Moment Group in 2001, Robert was a corporate executive with America’s most iconic companies:

• Nextel Communications
• Eastman Kodak
• Citicorp
• Pitney Bowes
• Bank of America
•Xerox Corporation

He has mastered best practices for creating and developing successful businesses and inspiring business owners to be the best in their field with innovative marketing and customer service training ideas and strategies.

Inspiration + Innovation

A savvy business and marketing expert with unmatched expertise and knowledge, Robert is best described as an innovative trendsetter, who possesses excellent client focus, proficient problem-solving techniques, and extraordinary listening skills.

Robert is dedicated to his mission to help clients achieve more success, develop a sense of purpose, and exceed their goals. He recognizes that so many talented entrepreneurs are unable to sell and market both themselves and their products or services effectively – even if they have a dynamic combination of talent, skills and experience. By triumphing over personal and professional adversity, he has not only built a wildly successful coaching and consulting practice, but also has become a trusted and invaluable resource for his clients.

Robert’s Belief System:Robert sees the best in people and brings it out in them. Robert’s desire is for everyone to find and live there Life’s Purpose here on earth.
Persist – don’t give up! I know from experience that struggles are what steers you toward success, and must be viewed as opportunities for improvement. There are so many people that have contributed and continue to contribute to my success. I am living proof that you can’t achieve success alone!

Even with lots of skill, the most talented individuals fail at their businesses because they fail to reach a targeted audience. As a result of this, only a few of their friends, family members and colleagues know the difference that they can make in this world- if only they had the right help. My mission is to change this – because everyone on this earth has a purpose. Helping people find and live their life’s purpose is the most rewarding service that I provide to make a difference in this world.

My challenge to you is to live your
Life’s Purpose – and ‘Stop Chasing Success and Let Success Find You’!
“Experience how good it feels to be happy in life and living your purpose”
— Robert Moment
Life Coach
Take the step to find out by contacting Robert at
Robert@ChristianInspirational.org or Call (703) 580-8002 .

What Clients are saying …
Incredible, profitable, immeasurable value !
Robert is wonderful to work with.
His innovative ideasstretched and challenged me to a higher level of success in my business.
That’s my experience working with Robert Moment.
Highly Recommended !
Patricia Dorch CEO
Career Coaching Firm
What is stopping your success?
Robert asked me that one powerful question and listened to what I had to say.
This one question was an “Aha” ! moment which helped me overcome my deepest fears
and unlock my true potential and live my life’s purpose.
The first consulting session was the most important decision
I made to get help in turning my struggling small business around.
That phone call was over four years ago. I am forever grateful.
Michael Donovan
Small Business Owner
Los Angeles, CA
Robert’s coaching has helped me unlock my potential
discover my strengths, and achieve my most important goals.
I was leaving a lot of money on the table.
Robert’s business coaching and consulting showed me
how to create lucrative products in my niche market.
Paul Smith
Chicago, IL
I knew the first time that I heard Robert Moment speak
that he had something new to offer me as a coach.
My instincts were correct.
He not only helped me with very specific and innovative marketing strategies,
but taught me how to be a better coach by being coached by him.
Nicole Cutts, Ph.D.
CEO, Cutts Consulting, LLC.
The support and guidance I received from Robert Moment was excellent. His service far exceeded my expectations. His valuable insights, patience and encouragement has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I thank him and I highly recommend Robert to anyone interested in starting or growing their business.
Denise Moore Revel
Moore Communications