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Reading for the day: Psalm 121:1-2

“I look up to the mountains—
does my help come from there?
My help comes from the L
who made heaven and earth!”

Everyone needs help. We were put on this earth to help one another. Asking for help is another story entirely.

Depending on which generation you grew up in, there are all sorts of reasons to ask for or not to ask for help. Here’s one that is particularly wrong that many people believe: “Only weak people ask for help. If you are strong, you don’t need it.” That sounds like advice from way back. It needs to stay there.

In the New Testament, Jesus told the people that he came to seek and to save that which was lost. If you are lost, how are you going to find your way without help? On a trip, you may not ask for directions and eventually find your way, taking the roundabout route. There’s no harm or foul here except lost time. In your life, not seeking God’s help can lead to all sorts of situations that may prove disastrous and have lasting effects.

The best thing about seeking God’s help is that you don’t have to fill out a requisition form or make an appointment to get a little bit of His time. There are no rules except that you believe He exists and longs to do what is best for you. Talk to God in the shower, as you look for a parking spot at the grocery store, in the car, while cleaning, and anywhere else you happen to be.

It is not weakness to ask an Almighty God for help. In fact, it is pretty smart. When you want to know something, you go to the One who knows it all. Now your decisions will be built on a sure foundation. He will change your life into something that you never thought it could be.

Prayer Suggestion: Prayer is a conversation with God. Strike one up with Him throughout the day to stay connected to His power.

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