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Are You Facing Problems in Your Life and Seeking God’s Guidance ?

You can find Christian inspiration in this wonderful guide to daily Christian Living based on my own experiences.

Are you seeking Christian help in your life today but aren’t sure where to find it?

I struggled, too, and had trouble holding onto hope when things got tough, but I learned that when God is your Best friend, you are never alone.  And now I want to share this wonderful news with others !

Whatever reason has led you to this site… Welcome !  I’m glad you’re here !  You’re about to discover something wonderful that I learned and want to share with you – that
God Will Always Be There For You.

My name is Robert Moment, and I was moved to write this inspirational Christian book after God touched my life in some amazing ways.  He has uplifted, healed and delivered me personally and now I want others to know about the power of God’s love and how He can be there for them.  God has given me so much and this is my opportunity to share those gifts with others.  I’m passionate about empowering each one of you to experience the joy, peace and love that is God’s desire for your life !

There are thousands of inspirational Christian books on the market today.  You may have already read some of them and been disappointed because they didn’t address that yearning that you feel for something that’s real and honest and addresses the needs of your life.

What makes God Will Always Be There For You  so special?  This unique devotional moves beyond simple daily messages or biblical quotes.  It’s a powerful source of Christian help that addresses those questions that can be so troubling to everyone from the new Christian to the truest believer, questions like:

●    How do I recognize the signs of God’s unconditional love in today’s world?
●    How do I accept loss and suffering and gain the Christian inspiration to move on to understanding and forgiveness?
●    Why does God love someone like me, a sinner in a vast and busy world?
●    How can I re-evaluate my life in the light of God’s expectations for me ?
●    When it’s hard to find Christian inspiration, how do I remind myself  of God’s love?

You will learn why:

●    God is your best friend and you are never alone.
●    God loves you even when the world doesn’t.
●    God forgives and forgets your sins.
●    You can always rest easy, knowing God is the Best Friend you will ever have.

Christian Living – Written for You, Guided by You !

The Christian Help provided by God Will Always Be There For You  isn’t simply passive instruction.  I’ve combined Christian inspirational material with powerful , thought-provoking questions that will help you to examine your own life in the light of God’s love and hope for you.

After reading each chapter, you’ll be asked to answer some challenging questions you wouldn’t find in other inspirational Christian books.  These are the questions that will help you take a good, long look at your own life, shining the light of God’s love on your grief, doubts, desires and dreams.  It may be uncomfortable at times; it will definitely be challenging – but there is no better way to find your way into God’s loving embrace.

Learn how to:

●    Let go of  the pain caused by guilt.
●    Lighten the load of everyday worries.
●    Let Christian inspiration energize your life with God’s power.
●    Love the way God meant for you to love.

What have readers said about the Christian Book, God Will Always Be There For You?

Lori H. said, “It was the questions that worked for me.  They helped me define what was really wrong in my life and then showed me ways to fix it.  I also realized how far I’d come in my relationship with God and how far I could still go.  I’d read other inspirational Christian books, but they didn’t give me the affirmation and real guidance that God Will Always Be There For You  did.”


Andrew J. comments, “As far as Christian living goes, this Christian book is the real thing.  I was moved by the simple but powerful daily affirmation that I learned to use in my everyday life.  To this day I continue to use that affirmation when I get up, when I’m in a bind or any time that I feel the need to reaffirm my relationship with God.  Robert Moment got to the heart of things for me.”


Ceejay L. admitted, “Reading a book on Christian living isn’t always interesting to me because I feel like the themes have been done to death.  But Robert Moment used analogies and concepts that really spoke to my heart.  His example of ‘wearing God’s work’ encouraged me and opened my eyes to the fact that God understands how hard my struggle can be.”

For Christian inspiration that will truly open your heart and life and  address your burdens that are relevant in today’s very real world, order your copy of God Will Always Be There For You today.

Now is the time for you to understand that…

God Will Always Be There For You
Live Your Life Full of  Joy , Peace and Prosperity  Today  !

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Father in Heaven in the Name of Jesus have Your way with this book and website.



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