Embrace God’s Silence

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Reading for the Day: Palm 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am God!
I will be honored by every nation.
I will be honored throughout the world.”

Have you ever had the “silent treatment” from someone? It mostly happens when you are kids in school. The first thing you do is wonder what you did wrong to deserve such a cold shoulder from someone who was talking to you the day before.

Sometimes it can feel like we are getting the “cold shoulder” from God. We wait to hear from Him and are met with our own thoughts. Unlike the immature attitude adopted when we were kids, God’s silence is not a punishment or a thoughtless act.

The current generation seems to hate silence. Each and every day is filled with noises of some kind. We’d rather talk to ourselves than be surrounded by the loudness of quiet.

Why does God allow such moments, especially when He can see that we are in distress? It is a tool that teaches us to listen to the Spirit within us. We definitely know how to talk, but do we know how to hear?

When your world seems to be spinning out of control, you panic and the last thing you want to encounter is the closed doors of heaven. But, the adage goes, “When a door closes, God always opens a window.” In this case, the window of your mind needs to be open.

It is in those silent, peaceful moments that the Spirit reminds us how good God has been in our life. What has he delivered you from before? Didn’t He meet your needs at every turn? Now your soul is calmed knowing that there is not a situation in your life that God can’t handle.

Prayer Suggestions: Make time to listen to the Spirit each day and rediscover God’s goodness in the silence.

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One Response to “Embrace God’s Silence”
  1. Magda Kopp says:

    I get my inspiration by reading the word of God and listen how the Holy Spirit speaks to me. Be still and know that I am God I experience this when I go to my room and close the door. Jesus of Nazareth is my mentor the one who carries me through life. I will listen to those who are in need, to those who dont know Him, to those who believe in other gods, but at the end of the day if I dont tell them about the saving Grace of God and that He loves them I am of no use. We were born to worship the one and only true God and to be obedient to His teachings.

    Magda Kopp

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