Facing Life’s Obstacles

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Reading for the Day – John 16:33

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


If there is one thing common to all people from all nations, continents, background, financial and social standing, that would be life difficulties and obstacles. Even the richest and most famous people suffer. Saints suffer, too. These sufferings may come from different sources. Some sufferings come from this sinful and imperfect world, others are cause by our mistakes and sins. Some might be the work of the devil.

No matter where these hardships come from, they make us suffer. But, suffering and misery are two different things. When people meet life obstacles on their way, they deal with them differently. Some fall into misery, while others take heart and overcome.

Jesus never promised Christians to be happy and never suffer. On the contrary, from this scripture we can clearly see, that our lives won’t be all butter and honey. Hardships will come, but He has already gotten the victory. There is no need for us to overcome our foes. Our goal is to maintain peace in our hearts and claim the victory of Jesus.

It still will hurt. No way to escape that. But, if you have hope and if you put your trust in God, you can become an overcomer, as He is. Those people, who view this life as their only reality, life obstacles are unbearable. But, if you know a different reality, if you live with God in His supernatural realm, you know that no obstacle is permanent.

You gain the power to meet life troubles with peace in your heart and with a glance of heavenly reality and glory upon your life. You do not become bitter, but you become humble and grateful. These hardships draw you closer to the Lord, instead of casting away from Him.

 Prayer Suggestion: Pray that the Lord would help you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Let your heart be filled with faith and peace. Pray that His glory would manifest through your difficult times.

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8 Responses to “Facing Life’s Obstacles”
  1. wjz says:

    hi God
    thank you for helping me through today’s exam
    I don’t think I did my absolute best because I missed and made several big mistakes and I hate myself for that
    also I have this very need to eat lots of junk creamy foods like fresh whipped cream, like other things that are nice
    I miss talking to you, God
    I have been very angry lately, angry at my parents, at myself mainly
    I wish I could stop all these feelings and just be me again
    I have gained another 10 kgs
    I really don’t like that either
    God I pray I have all my faith in you
    please help me
    give me
    but I sound like I am demanding things from you
    I guess I am not that great

    I will talk to you soon

  2. wjz says:

    thank you very much for helping me to accept a little it of myself today. I found this cool website about these people who have gone through similar problems and suddenly I don’t feel as lost as I was, I feel like I am finally apart of something, now all I have to do is just work through my troubles, face them and not give in. I will always try my best God, best you have always tried your best on me, I will not give up that easily,
    thank you for giving me the strength to work through my exam questions today I am very thankful for this, God I will always love you
    thank you .
    I pray everyone is doing well at home and for both of my parents, they have really tried their best to help me. Please let them and help they so their prayers will be granted too, thank you God we all love you very much

  3. wjz says:

    hi God how are you? I am here to say that I have completed three of my four exams,, the finance exam I did, I did not complete all of it but I wish I will be ok, please give me the strength and power to complete as much as I can, thank you lord for all your help amen

  4. wjz says:

    hi it has been some time since the last time we talked. THere has been something on my mind, my grandmother called us last night, no we called my grandmother and grandfather, they are ok and I am ok with them. they bought a present for my birthday but I do not know what to do. I have always not liked them and my reason I don’t even know. so please God what should I do, what should I be feeling please help me understand and please show me a path. Tax is my last exam, it will be on the 8th Nov 2011 please be with me, amen

  5. wjz says:

    hi I am writing up my exam essay answer to compare equity and fairness to simplicity, both principles are adopted by the tax woring group and are considered by the tax working group as important principles to achieve. The question is whether one is more important than the other.
    According to Cooper themes and issues in tax sumplification, the two main argument for a simplistic tax system is because firstly it would reduce compliance costs and adiminstation costs. Secondly it would reduce the deadweight cost that complexity causes, a taxpayer chooses to abandon the transaction altogether because he or she is uncertain of the outcome. Thirdly

  6. wjz says:

    its me again, thank you very much for helping me through each day. I would not know what to do if you were not here with me.
    I have been very tired lately, I have not been sleeping very well and I have not slept for two nights at all. I wish I would find a way out of this.
    How are you? what have you been doing, I have been finding ways to sell the toys Dad brought and I do not know where to sell them.
    My birthday will be here soon, I don’t know how to celebrate that eiher, it seems I don’t know how to celebrate any thing anymore.
    I sound very sad,
    Don’t mind me, I am just going through a period of time where I just feel very down,
    I am glad I have found you
    thank you

  7. wjz says:

    I binge ate again tonight,
    I promised a hundred thousand times that I will not do this anymore but I still do it
    I pray to you for help and guidance
    because I feel like there is no one I can rely on
    Dad wants nothings to do with this
    Mum is tired of this
    so there is just you and me
    please don’t give up on me

  8. wjz says:

    weight 78.9kg
    I walk
    I try to control my portions
    I crave
    I need to get out of this house
    I am very very closed in
    Please help

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