God Has a Pruning Process

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Reading for the Day:

“Remove the dross from the silver, and out comes material for the silversmith.”
~ Proverbs 25:4

When gardeners prune bushes, they cut off dead or unsightly branches.  They do this for two reasons:  to make the bush more beautiful, and to improve growth.

God does the same thing with us.  He helps us to get rid of our dead branches, those things that have become part of us through life’s trials.  You know, the baggage we all carry around.  Sometimes, we are reluctant to let go of it, but it is this baggage, these dead or unsightly limbs, that keeps us from flourishing in God’s grace.  If we allow God to prune away these dead branches, we will be more ready and able to grow in our faith, and to grow as beautiful individuals designed in God’s image, for God’s purpose.  Do we really want dead branches getting in the way of such lofty goals?

This verse from Proverbs compares us to silver.  A silversmith has to heat up his metal, so that the dross will rise to the top, and he can scrape it off.  Sometimes God will apply a little pressure, a little heat, to our lives, so that our dross will become more visible, and He can help us scrape it off.  Then we are ready to be molded by the silversmith, by God.  Then we are ready to be beautiful, pure, gleaming silver, reflecting the light of God’s grace.

Change is difficult, but do any of us really want dead branches in our lives?  Wouldn’t any of us rather be heated up a little if it makes us shine more brightly?

Prayer Suggestion: “Dear Lord, please prune me for Your purpose.  I want to shine in Your grace.”

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