God Knows Where You Are

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Reading for the Day: Psalm 139:7

“I can never escape from your Spirit!
I can never get away from your presence!”

When you’re a kid, no matter where you go, it seems like your parents always can always tell where you are. It’s that uncanny ability that amazes and frustrates you at the same time, especially when you don’t want to be found. It’s the same with God. He’s our Heavenly Father and He can always find us even if we don’t want to be found.

In the verse above, it sounds like David is trying to escape from God. He realizes that it is useless and starts to yell in desperation. In actuality, he is happy that God can always find Him. You might not want to acknowledge it now, but when you are lost, all you want to be – is found.

God can see us when we sin and when we do good. Yes, He is disappointed when we don’t follow Him, but in His love, He still protects us. And, most importantly, He is always, always ready to accept us back into His fold.

When we do find God again, we are often scared to tell Him what we’ve been doing. Here’s a news flash: He already knows. He sees what we do in the light and the dark. It is not God’s nature to want to crush us in our sin or ridicule us for what we’ve done.

Yes, He wants us to confess our sins to Him but because we love and trust Him, not because He’s ignorant of what we’ve been up to. And, He will forgive and gather us up into His loving arms to be comforted – forever. How’s that for a welcome home greeting!

Prayer Suggestions: God is always watching you – with love in His heart.

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