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Reading for the Day:

“Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ”.
Romans 10:17

I’ve heard people say that God has become silent.  I wonder … if we’re not hearing God, is it because we’re not listening?  There is a lot of noise in this world.  There is a lot to keep us distracted, to keep us busy, to keep us from listening.

So how do we listen?  Through the Bible.  God’s Word is a living Word that will speak to us if we just open it and read.  We need to pray that God will reveal Himself and His will to us through his Holy Scripture.
How else can we listen?  We can literally listen by going to where the Word of God is preached.  This can be a church service, a Bible study, a gathering of friends, or a retreat.

God is not silent, even when we think He is.  There is always the Word to return to.  By prayerfully considering the Scripture, by reading and listening to the Word, God’s will can and will be revealed to us.
Sometimes there is something in our lives standing between God and ourselves.  If that something is not glorifying God, then we should probably let go of it.  This can be painful and difficult, but imagine the relief when, once it’s gone, God’s voice rings out loud and clear!

I’ve heard many people testify that once they truly humbled themselves and came before God, sincerely asking to hear His voice, God spoke.  Suddenly they flopped their Bible open to what seemed like a random page, and there was the verse they needed at that moment.  Then the next day, that just happened to be the verse the pastor preached on.  Sometimes God speaks through coincidences.

Prayer Suggestion: God is speaking.  We just need to listen.  And if you can’t hear Him right now, then pray.  Pray with conviction.  Pray, “Lord, let me hear your beautiful voice.  Speak to me God. Teach me how to listen to You.”  And He will.

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