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 Discover True Happiness and Start Enjoying Happy Living Now

I’m Robert Moment. I am a life-changing inspirational life coach and personal growth strategist who helps people just like you discover your purpose and enjoy the happy living you’ve always wanted. If you are not living your best life, together we will discover your personal source for  happy living. I will be your guide through self discovery. I will help you find happiness as you answer deep questions about yourself.  Together, we will find your keys to happy living.

Helping You Maximize Your Potential  With Happiness and Purpose
You will discover how to:

  • Trust your personal and professional choices
  • Focus on what is important to you
  • Design a life plan that motivates and inspires you
  •  Position yourself for personal and professional growth
  •  Put yourself first without feeling selfish or guilty
  •  Take charge of your time and your life
  • Live your best life being happy now

As a life coach and personal growth strategist I bring innovative “throw the box away” ideas, clarity, inspiration, motivation and vision that will help you maximize your full human potential and be your very best  authentic self.

Each coaching session will give you more focus,  new direction and greater vision of who you are and what you want to do to be happy and live life with purpose.

With An Inspirational Life Coach and Personal Growth Strategist, Happy Living Is Possible

Do you remember who you wanted to be, before finding happiness seemed like a dream? Those dreams might seem idealistic now, but they are the keys to happy living. I will ask you questions to prompt your own self discovery, inspiring emotional healing and helping you rediscover your purpose. If you are feeling stuck, trapped, or uncertain, together we can take steps that will lead you forward toward finding happiness. You have the power to create happy living in your life; bringing that power into focus may take some assistance. I’ll ask you the right questions to help you realize your own potential for emotional healing and happiness.

What’s missing in your life? What is holding you back from success? We’ll explore these subjects and more as we progress toward emotional healing. Finding happiness means identifying what keeps you from being happy, and then creating a concrete plan with manageable steps to lead you back to happy living. Together we will identify your current obstacles and find the way to overcome them.

I Can Help You Achieve Happiness

If you are seeking purpose in your life and want happy living and fulfillment, I can help you find a better life. If you are looking to discover your true self and live in complete happiness, I can help. If you are open to change and finding happiness, I can help. If your heart and mind are open, and your attitude is positive, I can help. But if you are in crisis or are absolutely desperate, seek more medically oriented treatment for your problems. Use my free self-help resources if you wish, but seek the proper medical advice and remedy to achieve immediate security. I am a life coach who can help you reach happy living, but I am not a counselor or therapist.

Your Guide To Finding Happiness That Lasts

From the first meeting, you and I will begin asking the tough questions and understanding what elements are keeping you from the happy living you deserve. The right questions will determine the right client solutions. I call my formula the PSR formula: Problem, Solutions, Results. First, we identify the problem or problems that make finding happiness so difficult. Next, we determine the solutions that will lead you to living your best life. Finally, you see results as you experience increasingly happy living.

In a 50-minute Ask the Inspirational Life Coach Session, we can explore what stops you from happy living and makes finding happiness a challenge for you. Live your best life NOW !

The Accelerating Your Breakthrough Coaching Sessions provide two 50-minute sessions per month plus unlimited monthly emails  when you commit to three months of help with finding happiness and success. Let me help you with finding happiness and living your passion. Call me today at 703-580-8002, or email me at

To Your Happiness, Success,

Robert Moment
Life Coach , Personal Growth Strategist  and Happiness Expert

P.S.  Don’t put off your happiness and success for another day.  I know you’re on this page because you’re ready to take action and live your best life. So before you click away, take action now- by investing in your happiness and future.

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