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 mg 9935 199x300 Motivational SpeakerIf you are in the market for a motivational speaker who will inspire, provoke, and educate your audience Robert Moment is the speaker of choice.  People across the country agree that Robert Moment delivers life-changing speeches that have a sustained impact on the audiences who hear his message.

Robert Moment is a business and marketing coach, compelling motivational speaker, and author, who has achieved success through God’s grace, mercy, favor and love.  If your business, conference, university or church is seeking a memorable and inspirational Christian speaker, Robert Moment is the speaker to contact.  His words have been heard by people around the country and have spurred life changing events and spiritual enlightenment for his audiences.

As a Christian motivational speaker, Robert Moment creates a bridge between the spiritual seeker and the life changing material in his new book, God Will Always Be There For You: a Daily Guide to Christian Inspirational Living.  Robert’s book is a blend of spiritual inspiration and daily, practical applications to achieve a life filled with God’s grace, love , and prosperity.

Robert connects with his audience and takes them on an inspirational and spiritual journey through their personal and professional lives, using their relationship with God as the roadmap to spiritual enlightenment, personal satisfaction, and professional success.

Robert’s message connects with audiences across a diverse spectrum, reaching people of all ages, races, and economic status.  His message appeals to a broad audience, and his words inspire everyone who hears them.  He is a sought-after and compelling speaker, who combines faith, experience, and wisdom to deliver an unforgettable message to his audience.

Robert’s speaking topics include:

•    Spiritual/Inspirational
•    Personal Development
•    Marketing
•    Branding
•    Leadership
•    Business

Some of Robert’s speaking titles include:

•    God Will Always Be There For You
•    Think BIG and Embrace the Power of Possibilities
•    Doing Business God’s Way for Profitable Results
•    Discover Your Life’s Purpose
•    Marketing for Attracting More Clients
•    Success, Failure, Faith

Robert Moment , innovative and forward-thinking Thought Leader and Business Coach, will shake up the audience to "stretch" themselves and move beyond their comfort zone with ideas that will inspire, give hope, encourage and challenge participants to bring out the best in themselves.  His words of wisdom and inspiration invoke change and provoke thought in the lives of the people who hear him.

Give your audience the life changing inspiration that Robert Moment offers by booking him at your next event.

To Book Robert Moment for your next Speaking Event :

Call Phone (703) 580-8002 or Email

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