Writing a Heartfelt Letter to God

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When there is no closure in our lives, we continue to hurt long after the moment that first caused us pain has passed.  When we are troubled by past transgressions we can’t forget, our lives continue to be an open wound that can’t heal.  We become “walking wounded” and can’t get on with our lives.  We feel incomplete and unfinished, as though something in our lives is lacking.

How do you find closure after death, separation, divorce, or the pain of a parent who doesn’t love you?  What do you do to find peace when your life continues to show the scars of past abuse or terrible loss?

God will soothe your soul and help bring you peace if only you will lay your sorrows and anger at His feet.  Sometimes it’s hard to go to the Lord and confess how angry we are at a loved one because of a past slight or some terrible harm they caused us.  After all, we want to be good Christians and forgive – but if there is still pain in our hearts, it can be difficult to do.

Write Your Unresolved Pain Down

It may help if you try writing a letter to God.  Writing down what is eating at your soul can help you move past it.  We hate to rant and rave at God when we pray, shouting about how bitter or disappointed we are; it seems so disrespectful.  But God wants to hear everything in our hearts – even the ugly stuff.  So sit down tonight and write a letter to God.  It might look like this:

“Dear God,

I’m so angry!  I hate my sister for betraying me, and I can’t get past it.  I wish she would just go away and leave me alone forever…..”

Once you start writing, you will find that all of the bitterness, hurt and sorrow will come spilling out and  onto the page.  That’s good!  It’s very cleansing to finally admit, even to yourself, that you have been hanging on to unfinished business and letting yourself dwell on the past.

After you’ve written your letter, make it a sacrifice to God, for even our pain, when given with a true and faithful heart, is a gift to our Lord.  He will take the sorrow you’ve written about and soothe it away for you.  Some people may even want to burn the letter after they’ve asked God to help them find closure.  It is a simple ritual that can give you a feeling of release – you have admitted what the problem is, asked God to help you move forward, and now you can let it go!

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed.”

- Jeremiah 17:14

Once you’ve done this, you will feel a sense of peace as the closure you’ve been seeking for so long finds its place in your heart!

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