Facing Life’s Obstacles

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Reading for the Day – John 16:33

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


If there is one thing common to all people from all nations, continents, background, financial and social standing, that would be life difficulties and obstacles. Even the richest and most famous people suffer. Saints suffer, too. These sufferings may come from different sources. Some sufferings come from this sinful and imperfect world, others are cause by our mistakes and sins. Some might be the work of the devil.

No matter where these hardships come from, they make us suffer. But, suffering and misery are two different things. When people meet life obstacles on their way, they deal with them differently. Some fall into misery, while others take heart and overcome.

Jesus never promised Christians to be happy and never suffer. On the contrary, from this scripture we can clearly see, that our lives won’t be all butter and honey. Hardships will come, but He has already gotten the victory. There is no need for us to overcome our foes. Our goal is to maintain peace in our hearts and claim the victory of Jesus.

It still will hurt. No way to escape that. But, if you have hope and if you put your trust in God, you can become an overcomer, as He is. Those people, who view this life as their only reality, life obstacles are unbearable. But, if you know a different reality, if you live with God in His supernatural realm, you know that no obstacle is permanent.

You gain the power to meet life troubles with peace in your heart and with a glance of heavenly reality and glory upon your life. You do not become bitter, but you become humble and grateful. These hardships draw you closer to the Lord, instead of casting away from Him.

 Prayer Suggestion: Pray that the Lord would help you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Let your heart be filled with faith and peace. Pray that His glory would manifest through your difficult times.

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