The Power of Fasting

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Reading for the Day – Isaiah 58:6

“Is not this the fast that I have chosen: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the bands of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and that you break every [enslaving] yoke?”

Fasting is not about food. It is about your heart, your relations with God and about freedom. Fasting as a part of religious ceremony has no power. When it is done as some religious routine, it misses out on the most important aspect: spiritual freedom and repentance.

True fasting, pleasant to God is the fasting of heart. You do not just set aside your body to stay away from food. You set aside your heart and time to pray, search your heart and life out and get cleaned and purified. The power of fasting comes not from food or hunger. It comes from finding the revelation from God, learning His will and getting His power to manifest through your life more fully.

In the Scriptures God says that we should tear our hearts, not our clothes, when we cry out to Him. Abstinence from food should not viewed as the essence of fasting. That is not where its power comes from.

The essence of fasting is your faith and open heart before God, it’s your humility and crying out for help. When we acknowledge our own weakness before God, He replaces it with His strength and power.

Prayer suggestion: When fasting, pray to the Lord to show you, where you have hidden offenses or hard feelings against people. His power can set you free from all the bitterness and lead to victory over any circumstance or illness that come against you.

Robert Moment is a spiritual life coach, personal growth strategist, speaker and author of several life-transforming books including Faith – Living Your Life Fully and Freely Without Fear and Christian Women- Blessed Wherever You Go. Robert specializes in maximizing human potential for purpose, happiness and success. Visit and sign-up for the FREE life-changing 7 day online e-course titled, Christian Living.

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4 Responses to “The Power of Fasting”
  1. alex says:

    God give me grace to fast and pray

  2. Origin Nokai says:

    I think I have tried fasting before now twice. And at that time I just felt left out out when the gouty days fasting Christians do before Easter starts. Without any aim or objective in mind and no prayer intentions, I did and the only thong I could look forward to from 6 am to 12pm was getting to eat again.
    I graduated from college with a third class in English, though my original intention was to major in Diplomacy or international relations.( I am mentionning these because the little insight on the author Robert Moment, say he is a personal growth strategist, speaker, author and a spiritual life coach). But some schools around here (Nigeria) give what you do not exactly put in your application. I tried to change my course but ended up in thesame department. Without trying to sound condescending, in my heart of hearts I still wanted my choice course ( and still do any way when I further) so I approached English as a course with “an attitude”, then I began to ejoy it later but it wasn’t enough to gi e me good grades either. Hence thirds class, no wisdom to guide me and what to do I was relying on my knowledge, thoughts and what I believe to be right in my on way. Yes, my father was disappointed but love me all thesame then, now and I believe always. And I was also disappointed in myself and now and then it hurts me that this is the result I carry. Though I also know that it doesn’t truelly define me. In this part of the world there is so much emphasis on what is on paper not true human resource. I have come of age and I am due for a job and marriage I hope to have these soon.
    Because if these, after many applications for 2 years now and there are people that have better result and have stay longer to find job. I decided I was gonna fast and pray about my two uppermost desires, job and marriage. So I started earnestly crying to God to provide. Then I find myself reading the bible more and more. Discover grace, God’s promises, his assurance and a whole lot that abound in a good that contains everything on the subjects that bother the human race as a whole. I began to find peace, joy, happiness, righteousness and purpose for life as a whole, and learn to pray more, drove more, starting to write about it as I discover God’s word. Now it’s not even about wanting The job or a man to marry, but seeking to know more of him. For in him I am assured of all these and more. I just want to keep close to him and obtain gravely reaward that he will come with in the last day.
    How I came to this article?
    I desire to know more about the meaning of the fasting I do and how it helps my prayer life and vohla, I found it and it’s just great, short but precise.
    And that’s how I shose to wrote to you. I truly hope you write me back and look forward to hearing from you.
    A thirsty heart for the word of God is all I carry, I have nothing to my name yet. But I feel just great!
    Thank you for this Article.
    May the Lord who surpasses all unsderstanding increase your knowledge through Christ our Lord. Amen

  3. Joyceann says:

    Thank you for your enlightenment on fasting. I love the Lord and I desire to please Him. I am also praying for a few things to occur in my life as well as my fa

  4. Gunther says:

    I think of fasting as so much more than just “sacrifice”.

    1) Have you ever been so intensely involved in a hobby activity or work project that you just forgot about time, and forgot about food? Skipped lunch without even thinking about it? When your prayer life and seeking in scripture for answers is that intense, fasting will come naturally, not be a ritual.

    2) Ever fallen so head-over-heels in love with someone that you just lose your appetite? Can you picture your love for God being THAT strong? Remember the first commandment… love God with all your heart, all your strength.

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