Trials and Joy

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Reading for the Day 2 Peter 2:9

“…the Lord knows how to rescue the godly out of temptations and trials”

Trials are a natural part of our life. None of us can escape them. However, the way we endure or go through trials makes a great difference. Some people, falling into trials start complaining. This is the way to getting bitter and ungrateful in life. Others fall into depression, when facing trials in life. You risk  losing more, than is necessary, going through tough times in your life.

The best way to go through trials, since we have to, is to go through them with faith in your heart. Even if we do not understand why or what is going on in our lives, we can always be sure, the Lord knows everything and stays in control. Always. He knows how to guide us out of those trials and temptations.

Preserving hopeful and grateful attitude, when being tried in life, you benefit greatly. This way, you can learn your lesson and upgrade to a new level of faith and new quality of life, after being tried and tested. Attitude is one of the core things to attend to during trials. This is what can keep you filled with joy, instead of sorrow. Joy and hope in the Lord are the things, that cannot be stolen from us, unless we let them to be stolen.

Prayer Suggestion: When you get into trials, do not start asking questions in prayer. Rather pray for your faith to be strengthened. You may not understand why, but you know WHO is in control. Pray for the joy of the Lord to strengthen you and show you the way out of any situation.

Robert Moment is a spiritual life coach, personal growth strategist, speaker and author of several life-transforming books including  Faith – Living Your Life Fully and Freely Without Fear and Christian Women- Blessed Wherever You Go. Robert specializes in maximizing human potential for purpose, happiness and success. Visit and sign-up for the FREE life-changing 7 day online e-course titled, Christian Living.

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