Trusting in God to Walk Beside Us Always

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Many of us have heard the poem about the man who walked along the beach and saw a second pair of footprints in the sand. He was told the second pair of footprints was God. But then he became angry, as he realized that there were times when only one set of footprints was there. Where was God for him them? “It was then that I carried you”" God replied. Learning to have that trust in God is so valuable not only for our Faith, but also our peace of mind. When you live knowing that you are held by the hands of God at all times,  you breathe a little easier, sleep a little sounder and worry just a little less? Because you trust in God to always be there for you – and most importantly to never leave.

Psalm 71:5 says: “For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my trust from my youth and the source of my confidence.”

Perhaps you know someone in your life that has this trust in God that I speak of and you are reminded of what a powerful source God can be. Now does this mean that life is always smooth? Does this mean that life is full of lottery jackpots and things always turning out exactly as we’d like? Well, it probably doesn’t. But when you have God in your life – that trust in God is a bigger winning than any lottery winnings ever could be. The man or the woman that wins the lottery can spend down their winnings in a year or several years. The good job you have can go away. People can and do let us down. But we can trust that God will always be there. God will be there through the storms and the rain.

But not only will God be there through the “storms and the rain,” He’ll also be there through the good times too. Sometimes it is during the bad times that we feel our Faith is the most tested. These times temptations come for us to truly live our Faith and not take an easy way out. Do you still continue to tithe your income even after getting a big raise? Or would you take a luxury vacation if it only meant lying to a loved one? When you have many of the “good things” in your life there are two types of people: the one that is eager to share this life with others and the person who is completely afraid that something could come and take this good life away from them. The person eager to share the good life trusts in God and is generous and kind. They help others in their church and community. The person who is afraid others would take “the good life” away from them through trickery not only doesn’t trust other people – but they don’t trust themselves and most importantly they don’t have that deep trust in God. If they could open their hearts to have a trust in God they would feel peace and could enjoy their good lives and would feel inspired to help others in the individual way that means the most to them — not in a way that feels forced or false.

Psalm 37:5 says “Commit your way to the Lord [roll and repose each care of your load on Him]; trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass.” When you trust in God, you know that no matter what comes: everything will be alright. No matter what type of trouble you are carrying God will help you carry it.

Robert Moment is an innovative forward-thinking Christian business and marketing coach, speaker and author of newly published book, God Will Always Be There For You. Robert is passionate about empowering individuals on how to experience God’s love, power, joy, peace and prosperity.  Visit and sign-up for the FREE Christian Living e-course. Follow me on Twitter

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3 Responses to “Trusting in God to Walk Beside Us Always”
  1. Karen says:

    Hi Robert,
    I wanted to comment on you article “Trusting in God to Walk Beside Us Always,” and on this wonderful, powerful, moving and inspirational website you have created to help us all move forward, build and understand GOD in our lives. I have many difficulties in my life and was lost. I didn’t understand why ME. I didn’t understand what I did. I didn’t understand why I was so alone. But GOD brought me a blessing when i got a chance to speak with you. After speaking with you I understood that I am NEVER alone. GOD is always with me and to not be afraid to ask GOD questions. After speaking with you I understand that MY BEST DAYS ARE AHEAD OF ME :) I understand sometimes when we go through these storms in life GOD is still with us. He never leaves our side.

    Recently a very difficult situation has been brought upon me and family. My husband was completely down and didn’t know where to turn, couldn’t eat nor sleep. With your webpage and just speaking to you the few times i have been blessed with I was able to share the Faith I have in GOD with my husband. To help my husband understand GOD loves him and is always with him regardless of his imperfections. Telling him GOD is a forgiving GOD and that GOD does not judge. When the situation was brought upon my family I sat down and talked to my husband about GOD’s love and the Faith in our GOD. With speaking to my husband I realized he was so upset at himself. When I realized that, I remembered reading the article “How to Forgive Yourself”. I remembered how that article helped me forgive myself for things that have happened in my life that I blamed myself for, and I knew my husband needed to forgive himself as well. I asked him if he would be interested in reading an inspirational article. He agreed and read this article and broke down. I let him be because I knew he need to let it all out. He then turned to me and said, ” I have forgiven myself Karen” and smiled and hugged me. The article helped him get peace with himself and with GOD. He was then able to sleep and felt so much relief taken off his shoulders. This Webpage is the BEST thing I could have been given and wanted to Thank you for being such a motivational person and sharing your Gifts of inspiration with all of us and moving forward with GOD in our lives!! Robert you are a blessing and can never thank you enough for what your WORDS have done for me and my family. I will keep you in my prayers and will keep asking GOD to help you keep moving forward because I know you can help and touch so many more people. With your WORDS and FAITH you are an inspiration to me to look forward and understand that My Best Days are Ahead of ME. Thank you

  2. rubee says:

    hello sir,

  3. rubee says:

    hello sir,
    Thank you for the inspiring message. this is a good reminder for me. yeah. there are times that i feel so worried that i forgot that there is God, and because of this i tend to keep the blessings myself and not wiling to share. but thanks for this thought.

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