Writing a Heartfelt Letter to God

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When there is no closure in our lives, we continue to hurt long after the moment that first caused us pain has passed.  When we are troubled by past transgressions we can’t forget, our lives continue to be an open wound that can’t heal.  We become “walking wounded” and can’t get on with our lives.  We feel incomplete and unfinished, as though something in our lives is lacking.

How do you find closure after death, separation, divorce, or the pain of a parent who doesn’t love you?  What do you do to find peace when your life continues to show the scars of past abuse or terrible loss?

God will soothe your soul and help bring you peace if only you will lay your sorrows and anger at His feet.  Sometimes it’s hard to go to the Lord and confess how angry we are at a loved one because of a past slight or some terrible harm they caused us.  After all, we want to be good Christians and forgive – but if there is still pain in our hearts, it can be difficult to do.

Write Your Unresolved Pain Down

It may help if you try writing a letter to God.  Writing down what is eating at your soul can help you move past it.  We hate to rant and rave at God when we pray, shouting about how bitter or disappointed we are; it seems so disrespectful.  But God wants to hear everything in our hearts – even the ugly stuff.  So sit down tonight and write a letter to God.  It might look like this:

“Dear God,

I’m so angry!  I hate my sister for betraying me, and I can’t get past it.  I wish she would just go away and leave me alone forever…..”

Once you start writing, you will find that all of the bitterness, hurt and sorrow will come spilling out and  onto the page.  That’s good!  It’s very cleansing to finally admit, even to yourself, that you have been hanging on to unfinished business and letting yourself dwell on the past.

After you’ve written your letter, make it a sacrifice to God, for even our pain, when given with a true and faithful heart, is a gift to our Lord.  He will take the sorrow you’ve written about and soothe it away for you.  Some people may even want to burn the letter after they’ve asked God to help them find closure.  It is a simple ritual that can give you a feeling of release – you have admitted what the problem is, asked God to help you move forward, and now you can let it go!

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed.”

- Jeremiah 17:14

Once you’ve done this, you will feel a sense of peace as the closure you’ve been seeking for so long finds its place in your heart!

Robert Moment is a Christian business coach, speaker and author of  newly published book, God Will Always Be There for You.  Robert is passionate about empowering individuals on how to experience God’s love, power , joy, peace, and prosperity. Visit http://www.ChristianInspirational.org and sign-up for the FREE Christian Living e-course.  Follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/christiansfaith

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27 Responses to “Writing a Heartfelt Letter to God”
  1. David says:

    Dear God,
    I thank you so much for bringing Heather into my life. She brings me happiness, comfort, and excitement. As you know I have been plagued with OCD. I have been feeling that my feelings towards her are not present. When I’m around her most of the time I know that those feelings are false, but when I’m away from her i doubt my feelings. I ask lord that you will show me the truth. I ask that i will fall in love with her. I ask that my OCD will healed in the name of Jesus.

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    The districts is a drought prone area, most of the marginal and poor farmers depend upon only agriculture. Due to scanty rains land remains fallow. Thus rendering the above mentioned sections to migrate to metropolitan cities for livelihood options. The women lack livelihood opportunities in the place they live. In order to over come these situations CHINYARD training these women in alternative livelihood proposition. To augment the income of family the women would undertake additional work like tailoring, embroidery and Kasuti since they lack expertise, they require training in those mentioned fields and other fields which could augment their income of the family. CHINYARD has been involved in various training programmes of livelihood. The programme conducted with the financially base of the organization.
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    Looking forward to your contribution.

  3. kanchan says:

    dear god. thank you for gvng me al ths hapines in my life i realy trust u as u nw tht i realy luv hm i dnt kn hs filngs bt realy he hurts me a lot yestrdy ws hs birthdy so i dnt wnt to tel rubish abt hm i jst wnt a hapy life fr me n hm pls bles hm . also bls my family .m in a gr8 need i need ur blesings as u kn abt my family .i jst dnt wnt to live anymr bt smthng is incmplt whch i hv to cmplte so bls me and help me always luv u pls bls hm and my family

  4. Michelle Murray says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    I am deeply asking you that I will never ever receive anything from a court house again. Please don’t let me get violated ever. Please Dear God don’t let me ever have to go to court. I am very scared and concerned. I really want to make a better living for my self and my family. Please Dear God allow me to beable to go to Crown College so I can become a nurse and possibly a Certified Nurse Midwife. I am truly sorry for every badf thing I have done in the past. Please dear Lord let me get off of probation in November and let all of my past stay behind me. Please Answer all my request in your name I also pray everyday. AMEN Thank you for letting nothing bad come in my mailbox so far. Please let nothing bad ever come in my mailbox as I will NOT beable to handle it.

  5. khia says:

    dear god,,

    you are amazing and i love you and you are the best and what i have to say is that you are the best father i ever had and you are always there for me and you are there for anybody and you are the best aand i llove you and i love you and you are the best and i love you and i love you so much

  6. Maribel says:

    Dear G-d,

    Please end the reign of darkness soon. I’m tired of living in a world of pain and i’m tired of wearing a mask(Metaphorically speaking). I don’t wanna be alone, please send me true friends, not false ones, but ones that truly care about others. Please sooth us humans in the dark time.

  7. Amanda says:

    Dear God,

    Please bless my family and friends. Especially my mom, she has done so much for me, I can never do enough to thank her, only that I hope one day I will become something great so she can be proud of me. Please bless my friend who might end up going to rehab. She has had so much bad luck this year, I feel terrible. She needs some good luck. Please bless me as well. We all have been looking for a house since the past two months and still haven’t gotten one. Its very hard since everyone in college is looking for one now, and as you know we are always second on the wait list. We went to our last house showing today. I beg you please, I don’t want to be disappointed and stressed out again. I’m so tired of feeling so low, freaking out all the time. Please do this favor for me, lets have some good luck for once.

  8. Rowena says:

    Dear God,

    Today, it’s my birthday today. I just turn 35. And I am facing the biggest challenge in my life.
    My husband wants a divorce. My family’s breaking apart. My son is only 2.
    I don’t know how I could save this and I stopped trying to. I started seeing other man to fill the void. And also, I feel I am desperate to give my son a normal family. I just wanted a father figure for my boy.
    I don’t know if I am doing the right thing or not… at all. I feel completely lost. I don’t know how to handle my situation. I prefer to keep my family together, but it seems that I have not a lot of options left.

    I have tried to understand why he wanted out. And i see what I’ve done wrong in the past. But whatever I’ve done, I don’t want my son having to pay the price. I want him to grow up in a happy, functional family. and have a childhood of a lifetime.

    I don’t know how to get to my husband anymore. I still love him, but somethings of him I just couldn’t help but want to scream. I haven’t taken good care of our relationship. That is for sure. But I regret some of the things I’ve done. And I still don’t think my son should be the one who pays for it.

    please God, I know you love me, my husband and my son. I know you want the best out of us. It’s not about just me and him anymore, we have a gorgeous 2 year old. I need to look after him

    I hope god can guide me, and him. and our family. I hope you can find it in you, to touch his heart, and let him realize this is the most important thing in his life
    jusus christ our lord amen

  9. Desiree says:

    Dear Lord
    I am only 11 years old and i am very upset over having a period i was hoping you would take it away from me please at least until i turn 16-18 please i am begging you i deleted the fake profile like i promised i am working on not lying and i read the bible every night so could you would you please i mean can’t you see i am not ready for one i could never be the same again and i know there is no need in you giving me special treatment and i know that i can trust you for taking my period away please i am doing ok in changing i know is normal for a girl not wanting a period when she gets it but think of everything i have went through in the past 11 years of my life and this is coming from my heart and my heart is telling me that you will do this one little favor for me please i promise i am gonna continue to try to change i am never going to steal any more i swear cross my heart and hope to die that i will never steal again please trust me on this my great father that ark in heaven please do this one little thing for me please and i am going to try my very best and i hope you will to i know i can trust you so please sir please

    To our Father that ark in heaven i pray that you will take this to your heart Amen

  10. Krystal says:

    Dear GOD I have been out of my christian ways.and I have been sinning and I just felt in my heart like you are you telling me to walk a closer walk with you.and I want to come back to where I use to be while I was younger.now it seems hard to do so,I just need your help with coming back to you.GOD you know my heart and that i am crying out and i am hungry.to walk with you again.and I just need help when my sins try to take over.I want to get back in to knowing you again.I had went away too far away from knowing you as the older I get.and I want to come back to you,GOD please help me get back to where I use to be and where I should and need to be! I love you with every beat of my heart! you are an awesome GOD!! and I do not know where I will be without you..holding my hand every step of my life I take..and I need help to hold on to my dreams and goals because I know I been crying and wanting to give up on them because at times I think they’re not going to come true…and I forget at times that it’s in your timing…and not mine…and I just know deep down inside.I want to come back in to my christian ways…GOD I ask in your Holy name amen

  11. Sergio Guadalupe says:

    Dear God,

    Forgive me for all of my sins. Father i have stolen from my bank and i knew it was wrong and when my courage built up i returned the money back the 3rd day i took it. I have been living in darkness for so long and finally i meet my other half and some light begins to burst through the darkness and just when i get a great job and so close to grasping a place to live in i ruin everything by stealing, even though i returned the money i fear i will lose my job my light and losing my job will make my life even worse then it was i thought living in my car was bad but i already signed the lease so no job no money no rent im done for. not only am i ruing my life im ruining my wifes life when she did absolutely nothing wrong. please lord help me i beg of you for mercy even if you forgive me i fear my job wont, this is my life on the line please please give me one last chance to make it up to you i swear to you lord to make up for all the wrong i have done but please if i must be punished please dont allow my wiiife to go down with me. i pray hard hard for the bank to forgive me and give me one last chance and i beg with all my heart soul and might please almighty father i beg for forgiveness and mercy and that things will work out and me and my wife can handle the apartment and keep saving, thank you god for listening Love Always Sergio

  12. Sergio Guadalupe says:

    hey god its me again, well i lost my job and i have 28 days to come up with 800 dollars for rent im jobless and i dnt know what to do im scared and alone, is this the end? will i lose everything? whats the point of going any further? im going to lose my wiife my apartment basically my life…. please im begging u with all my heart and sould bless me show me a sign any sign help me get through this i dnt want to lose the love of my life and my apartment please got please i need a miracle ill do anything no matter what it takes, its so hard getting a job with the fact that i stole even though i returnered it nobody will considered hiring me please give me one more chance mighty lord i beg of you. thank you love always sergio

  13. Susie Deleon says:


    I thought I was being silly when I started writing that letter to you but I see that I was not. Father GOD I pray that you hold my family in your precious hands. I pray that you keep us from harm. I ask GOD that all evil and darkness that is trying to overcome my children and my family is cast out of our lives and our homes. I proclaim your power and your glory and victory in our lives. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us. Thank you Jesus for everything you have given us and everything that is yet to come. Father GOD I love you with all my heart and I can’t wait to be with you someday soon and I pray that my family is all there with me too!!!! Love you LOVE YOU from the deepest part of my heart…
    In your precious name AMEN

  14. Unlucky one says:

    Dear Lord Jesus ,
    I am so happy Im writing this letter to you . I hope you are doing good. But im not doing good. U know this i know . I hope and believe that U are watching me every single second . But I just wanted to know .. why u let me cry so much . I am married for 3 years .. Why is that Im not living with my husband ? Why is that u put so much of love between us and and put us in 2 different places. The Bible says that u own cattle in 1000 hills . It also says that Iam your child . If its so … why is it so hard for you to give me a job in UK OR Ireland or in some english speaking country . When you bless my friends .. who go after other gods .. is it so hard for you to bless me . 5 years ,I am after you … persistently praying for this . Every small light i see.. every small interview that comes up .. I gain hope .. But all my thoughts are smashed. You know the way i treat my patients . How much of care I show on them . Do u think Im not good enough to practice my profession ? iS THAT WHY , NOW , i am sitting without a job .
    You were the one who took me to church this sunday . U remember , i didnt want to go .. coz i felt let down. U taught about the man who waited for 36 years for the water to be stirred and how you healed him . U asked me not to give up . U said Im the person !! I just believe u blindly , like i always do . Today I wanna ask you … Do u want me to be away from my husband ? do u want me to stay without a job or without any money .. looking at my friends life .. and see how well they prosper ? Is that what u want ? Does that make u happy ?
    Please read this letter lord… and dont be upset with me .. coz these are not just words… they are my tears .. my failures… U created heaven and earth … is it so difficult for u to find a job for me in this world ? If im a millionaires daughter everything would have been so easy for me .. but u are much more than that . Thats what i think of u .. Miracle .. that alone can save me now .. Coz i feel week inside me . i feel drained and exhausted . Im sick of seeing everything around me prosper but not me . I want to live with my husband . I want a job .. I want to have a baby and I want to settle in life just like anyone else !!! Dont forget me pls …

  15. rovin Banpelt says:

    dear God: there are so many people and animals who are homeless. Please find them shelter and warmth and someone to love them. please let me know when you put someone in my path that needs me. Also God please resolve the difference between my niece and my mother in law. It will help me to see my mother in law more often

  16. MinkusBGrey says:

    I am in a state of mind in which the average mind would not understand nor take the time to. But I have made attempts to decrease a life, subtract and take a way just negate. My own. I have wanted my life span to expire infinite times of a day. I am still here. I open the book in which the lord, yourself has had messengers create and I read from passages, pages in which dedicate to me, relate. I have felt that you have forsaken me for the situation I have been in all my life worsens. I have been isolated and rejected by society. I am only at a young age. I am 18 years old now. I still feel the presence of misery, depression. It has only become my best friend over time. It has chased away any optimism that has ever try to enter my life. My depression my misery is self and jealous and will only keep me to be negative. I have been picked with and tampered. I will never understand why. I will never. I can ask for many things but it will never change. They say I have to believe you will see the light. But I see darkness at the end of the tunnel. I don’t see your hands. I don’t see your savior. I see the forsaken and exile you have placed upon. I ask for you to forgive me. I will repent for any sin I have commit. I don’t want to feel the experience of an outsider. I want to have a choice. I want to breathe and exhale happiness and comfort. I have graduated high school and felt that misery would leave me but it only stayed and and worsened my state of mind. I ask for your hand as jabaz had. For your protection to protect me from harm and the evil that drives it. Help me to find myself to find the reason in why you have created me this way. I fear to look like me and walk and talk like me for the years to come. I ask for your savior in a better creation of me and my life.

  17. chynna says:

    god please forgive me for the fake profile i did, God i move a lot and i all i want to do is move back to Colorado. PLease send my family back i never realised how hard it would be to leave all my family and friends i have never felt this pain in my whole life and i very much think that i am deppressed i dont relate to alot of people and all i could think about is the life i left to start a new one i really want to go home and nothing feels the same god thanks for all the blessings you gave me i know that i am blessed and that i have alot of things but jesus please help me go back to colorado and move there soon and your the only person i could talk to because no one listines to me god thanks so much for letting me live in the light of Jesus christ and finding u in my soal i LOVE U!

    sincearly your daughter-chynna

  18. iJay says:

    God. whatever you do. Get me out of this hell hole

  19. wjz says:

    I am just finishing up my last minute study for tomorrow’s exam. I know it is not right to pray for an A+ from you, I will get only what I deserve and nothing more, nothing less. At the moment I am going through a lot of problems, mainly PMS, just always angry or crying or hungry or annoyed, just mainly negative things.
    Another thing that I am having trouble with is that I feel like I am not connected to you these couple of days anymore. God, help me and please I don’t want to let you go, I want you in my life, but I feel like there is a barrier, I don’t want that.
    I remember the story the story that was told in church once,there was flood and a man was in trouble. he needed your help, and after a while of praying and praying a boat with the life guards came to help him. He denied the help because he told the life guards that he was waiting for God, a while after that a helicopter came and called to him, he denied their help because he told them that he was waiting for God to help him.
    This man died and went to Heaven, he went to God and asked him, why did you not help me? God said I did help you child, but you would not let me.
    I guess this is like me, I feel I am not connected to you is because I am not letting you into my life. I want to, this is just saying, it is just like I want to fly, I want to walk on water, I want to sleep with my eyes open, I guess I need to act on what I want and not just say it.
    thanks for clearing that for me
    I am just bothered with all this study, I hate it but I know I have to do it, I only have this little bit left, please give me the strength and indurance and courage to face these adversities please help.

    thank you

  20. tara says:

    God with a humble heart, and through the blood of your son Jesus i come to your throne. i fall to my knees at your feet, humbly ask that you forgive me of all my sins, knowingly and unknowingly i have committed. I thank you for the many blessings do have, wonderful husband, children, church family, basic needs of living,horse, dog, family, your son jesus and his gift of blood shed. lifting my petition to your ears, in faith, knowing and thanking you that you hear&will answer. A financial blessing of $5,942 on our household for your glory. an opening of the door for employment where you want us to be for your glory. boldness that we do not falter in faith or the building of your kingdom. a truck and trailer that is needed very much be sent for your glory and praise. housing for our family and animals where you want us to be for your glory. humility, kindness, willing attitudes and desire to learn in our children so that they may see your glory in all things. your protection always be around our family for your glory, so that when negativity comes against us your glory will be seen in the circumstances and outcome. legal issues be straightened out and your glory seen in that. help us to always be sensitive to your voice, so that your will be done and glory seen in all things. it is the desire of my heart to have more children, if it is your will so be it, if not then please give me the peace to accept that. bless our church family and those who have been put in our lives for your glory, praise, honor, and purpose. please remove those who would hinder our relationship with you and the fruits of blessings you have for us. provide chuckwagon cowboy ministries in hughes springs tx with the financial blessings it needs to grow and build your kingdom for glory. our holiday season be wonderful as we celebrate and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. in all things God, please do for your honor glory and praise. so that others may see you are the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD!! Praise be to Jehovah Jireh!!

  21. Allie says:

    Dear God,

    I need to say some of my sins. I have been bad. I took a quiz on wether or not I would go to hell or heaven and it told me hell and I am scared God. I don’t want to go there. I go to church about once a month which I know isn’t good, I should go every week. I lie a lot god and I think it may be getting worse, and I hate lying! I also stole something from my friends house in Elementary school and feel guilty about even though I don’t see the friend anymore. I have watched things that I shouldn’t and i am only 15! This started last year. I have used your name in vain! When I get angry I imagine violent things happen to the person I am mad at. I don’t feel a huge purpose on this world other than dance and I can’t find a good studio to go to either! God please help me find one that is my only out. I am not fabulous at school and it’s really hard for me. I don’t know who my true friends are either. I have had a lot of friend issues. If it’s not too much to ask can I have my first boyfriend. Please? Guys don’t seem to like me, i’m not a slut so they aren’t interested! I want a boy that will treat me right and not want me just for sex. Someone that will take me to their church to get re-intouch with you God. I need help from you God! I want to hand my life to you and let You take it over and make it complete! I love you God thank you for always loving me! Amen


    god you truely know my heart, you know what i’m going through, where i have been, and where i’m headed. i completely humble myself before you as mush as i know how. i humbly call upon you to hear my prater in jesus; name. look at what jesus has done in my place and not what i have done, lord i am a mess. my life, my emotions, everything around me. you know my turmoil, you know when i;m fed up and just cant take it i cant take life anymore, i feel so alone. i’m in a mood where i just want to give up….god i know that you have the power to change all circumstances i know that in an instant you can change situations in my life that are ruining me. i just ask that you can come through for me. i have trust issues i ave never been able to trust anyone and i have based those experiences on why is so difficult to trust you to believe that you will actually come through for me. i know i am far from perfect and i have done many things that you wouldnt be proud of but god i need you, i need you sooo much no one understands what i am going through i dont feel loved, i feel like failure, i feel like my life has no direction, i feel lost, hopeless, if it werent for my son i wouldnt even wanna live anymore, i know i am depressed i know i am undeserving of anything, i know that, but god please help me help me, i am not askinfg for anything i just want your help, give me some type of strength. you know that i am haveing a difficult time in school and i feel like dropping out, i dont want to be there anymore, i just wanna quit, i feel like i am going to be single for the rest of mylife, i feel like no one will ever love me, ever understand me, god you know that i really like this young man in my life, and i feel like giving up on getting to know him, i feel like i am bothering him, i feel like im being a bugaboo, i dont want to be a burden in his life,, he says hes busy, but i just feel like i am bugging him if hes busy. you know the other man that was staying with me, you know i feel really stupid becausee he took advantage of my kindness.god judy help me give my direction give me guidance, all i ask for his strength i am scared to trust you because all my life i have feltlike i have had to fend for myself, take care of myself, guard myself and letting you take control of my life and circumstances id=s diffificult because now knowing what is going to happen in my life, is scary to me, i have always had to be ion control,being in control is comfortable for me because that way i dont get hurt, trusting you will be llke stepping into the unknown and that is scary for me, i dont have a lot of experience with trusting you, i dont know if you will come through for me, most people in my life dont come through for me, i am always the one fending for myself, protecting myself and . i dont meant o be disrespectful but but how do i trust a god that can change things around in my life, but yet still allows me to suffer? i know that everythign on earth will always be perfect but i have hit some extreme lows in life and yet you stil allow bad things to happen to me, and it hurts,how can i trust a god who i openly give all my feelings and honest thoughts to and still nothing ever changes? speak back to me, answer me, HELP ME!, i cant hold on to this life much longer,

  23. Bruce says:

    Dear God,
    I don’t think you are really seeing this, but who knows. This is more for me. I lost my oldest son last month by his own hand. Then my youngest son got in an argument with some other boys and he had a knife. He is in jail now being charged with assault 2. No one was hurt, and I am not certain what happened, or why, but please help him. He needs it and your love. I don’t care about me, but he and his mother need help. I love him so much and just don’t know what to do to help him. We got him an excellent lawyer, but the type of help he needs is healing in his heart and soul. That I can’t give him. Only you can.
    I need quidence to get us all through this. I am lost as to what to do other than ask you for help. We all get angry with you at times, but you allow us to. I am not angry, but hurt and worried. What do we do to save him ?
    Jail is not the place for him Load. He needs mental and emotional help. I know you are busy with much more important things, if you and your son Jesus could give him some help it would sure be nice. Also him mother is just devistated. She so much needs to feel some comfort please. It is in your hands as are all things. I am just a father that is frightened and worried.

    Thank and I love you

  24. áine says:

    dear god

    theres loads of pressure on my life right now…………………….so i would love if u could help me get on the camogie team in school ……………………i would really love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    thank you and i love you!

  25. marie says:

    Dear God There seems to be so much going on in my life now that doesn’t seem quite right. I love my job but the people that I work with seem like they are trying to do things to make me quit. I’m trying to hold on and to hold out. I’m having problems with 1 of my 4 children. Every time I try to tell her the right thing to do she rebels and do the opposite.She lets a guy that doesn’t mean her any good takes away from her doing what she has to do for her children and herself. I know God that u know the struggles and trials that I’m going through. I ask u to help me to release it to u God and u fix it the way it should be fix Lord in Jesus name I pray.

  26. LILY says:

    Dear Lord Thanks for everything, pls send a soul mate very soon pls. pls.
    I really wish to meet him soon in shops somewhere on d street..
    Thanks Lord for answer on my prayer…
    Love u with whole my heart……..

  27. LOLO says:

    Dear God,

    I first want to thank you for all the miracles you perform in my life everyday and i’m ashamed to want more because i know that i am already truly blessed. I’ve never had a boyfriend and have no family to believe in my dreams and understand me. With no real trust, friends are not really too much of an option for me. I just wish to have a real boyfriend someone that understands and that’s willing to be my everything. I am tired of lonely weekends, crying in my bed at night and always feeling a void inside my heart. Lord, please send me somebody real to walk through this cruel world with.


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