You Cannot Hide Your Sins from God

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Reading for the day: Proverbs 28:13

“He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.”

Have you done something that you know is wrong in God’s eyes?  Have you confessed your sin with a contrite heart, or are you avoiding the issue, hoping the problem will go away?

Toddlers often do this.  They may take a cookie they weren’t allowed to have, or push down a playmate.  When we ask them if they did it, they look innocent and say, “No!  Not me!” even when we saw them do it.  As parents, we know that we can’t let them get away with lying about what happened, because even if they deny it, they did something wrong and they must admit it and learn from their mistake.  We may even say, “It’s okay that you pushed your sister, but lying about it is wrong.  I’d rather you tell me the truth even if you did something bad than lie to me.”

Then why do we so often try to ignore our own sins?  Perhaps we’ve fudged a bit on our tax return, or gossiped behind someone’s back.  Maybe we have cheated on our spouse or been unfair to our children.  But whatever the sin, we cannot hide them from God.  Like a watchful parent, He sees our sins even if we don’t acknowledge them ourselves.  But we need to confess them openly and honestly; only then will we learn from our mistakes and gain God’s mercy and forgiveness.  God asks us to confess so that we can move on – the burden of a ‘hidden’ sin is one we don’t have to carry.

Prayer Suggestion:  If you have been avoiding confession of your sins, don’t wait another day.  Lay all of them before God and ask for His mercy and forgiveness.

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